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Opus 15 Mushroom Extracts

CORDYCEPS sinensis (Old stock)

CORDYCEPS sinensis (Old stock)

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Cordyceps, Cordyceps Sinensis, extract.


Concentration:  1:1

Daily dose:

1 pipette (0,7 ml) = 700mg fresh mushrooms.

30ml = 42 days

50ml= 70 days


Consume within 3 months.

Keep away from children.

Not recommended for pregnant women. 

This supplement does not substitute a regular diet.


Alc: 20%vol.


Some of you may know that these mushrooms grow on the fruiting bodies of dead insects. This would mean that the process of making these mushrooms is not vegan. However, these mushrooms are grown in a lab on special material, allowing the spores to grow, without having to have collected dead / kill insects. 


 About this mushroom:

All our mushrooms are grown on a carefully selected substrate composition, created for the specific needs of the mushroom and its mycelium. The composition is reviewed every single batch to ensure healthy growth and active compounds. The extracts are produced in Switzerland and are blended and bottled in the Netherlands. The extraction procedure is based on a combination of hydro and alcoholic extraction steps using ultrasound technology, ensuring full spectrum extracts. We are HACCP certified and all our products are strictly vegan. Do you want to know more about our production process? Please visit our ‘production process’ page.


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