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VOL Magazine edition 4 spring/summer 2022
Article: Beauty from within
Text: Sylvia Platjouw

Beauty comes from within
Glow baby glow
A more beautiful skin with powders, pills, candies and shots

The science is not quite there yet, but many users are enthusiastic, with rave reviews about glowing skin and less cellulite. Can supplements based on collagen, hyaluronic acid and mushrooms also do something for your skin?

Beauty comes from within

Shock! From the age of 25, the amount of collagen, which is responsible for firm and smooth skin, decreases by 1 percent per year and the natural aging process begins. A line here, a crow's foot there. You can of course take a shot of Botox or filler against wrinkles. Fortunately, if you prefer to avoid such injections, there are plenty of alternatives these days. Collagen-based supplements, for example, although the effect takes a little longer than Botox or filler. Nor will they make you 10 years younger or give you thick wavy hair all of a sudden. However, they can contribute to your skincare routine, especially if you combine collagen intake with a healthy diet and lifestyle. When you ingest collagen, it is digested into smaller molecules that are absorbed in your small intestine. From there they are absorbed into the bloodstream and can be transported to your skin. Skin cells are made from within, so what you put into your body is important for skin health. Examples of collagen products are Oslo Skin Lab The Solution Beauty Collagen, a powder that you can mix with all your food or drink. It contains Verisol, a hydrolyzed collagen powder derived from cowhide. You use one sachet per day (from €39.90 for 28 sachets). Skin for Skin uses fish collagen in its capsules that comes from fish skin that would otherwise be thrown away. In the capsules it is combined with vitamin C (€ 25.95 for 30 capsules). At CelioGenix, the collagen is liquid: you drink a bottle of 50 ml per day (€ 39.50 for 10 bottles). The powder of Cacao Glow from Aime is formulated with fish collagen, organic cocoa and maca powder and vitamin B8. The collagen prevents aging while the cocoa reduces stress and fatigue. The maca improves your beauty sleep (€30 for 204 grams).

Even more for a more beautiful skin

A big advantage of supplements like collagen is that it is not limited to your face. You also immediately take care of the skin of your body, your hair and your nails. There are also other supplements that do that, such as hyaluronic acid, biotin and mushroom extracts. Just like collagen, we make hyaluronic acid ourselves. It is responsible for regulating cell growth and cell renewal in our body. Hyaluronic acid is a bit like collagen but has a slightly different effect. Collagen is important for skin firmness while hyaluronic acid is important for moisture content and plumping the skin so that wrinkles are less visible. The mushroom extract also helps your skin to stay healthy and smooth from the inside out. The Tremella mushroom, for example, has a moisturizing effect and improves the elasticity of the skin. It is also a source of collagen. You'll find Tremella, alongside Reishi and Shiitake, in High Vibeology's I am glowing from the inside out. You add a teaspoon to, for example, a smoothie or oatmeal. You can also cook with it (€ 31 for 50 grams). Another mushroom that enhances the absorption of oxygen is the Cordyceps. More oxygen means more nourishment for your skin and more energy. Cordyceps also stimulates the skin cells to repair themselves. The Cordyceps from Opvs(15) is liquid: you add a pipette to a glass of water (€ 45 for 50 ml). Finally, biotin is a form of vitamin B, vitamin B8 to be precise. It contributes to hair growth and strong hair from within. A shortage of biotin can be noticed by fatigue and a poorer condition of the hair, among other things. Hairlust Hair Growth Formula Gummies is a vegan and sugar-free formula with biotin, folic acid, vitamin C and bamboo (€32.95 for 90 gummies).
What is collagen?
Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally throughout our body. For example, it ensures that your skin is firm and elastic. It also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, which contributes to a healthy moisture level in the skin. The decline of collagen is accelerated by certain factors - such as UV radiation - resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Different types of collagen are used in supplements, most of which come from the skin of fish or cows. They are not killed for this; it is a residual product that would otherwise be thrown away. There are also several ways to extract this collagen from the skin of the fish or cow.

Science is still in doubt
Does mixing a bag of collagen powder every morning or drinking a liquid shot of hyaluronic acid actually work? Users say they really see and feel a difference. The scientists are less certain, some dismiss the effect on the skin as nonsense. They think that the body can't do anything with the molecules of collagen or hyaluronic acid, or at least not use it to improve the skin. Although this may also be due to outdated research methods, Michelle Wong has found out. You may know her as Lab Muffin from Instagram, she is a cosmetic chemist and with her scientific background she dives into the sense and nonsense of beauty claims. She is also careful, but also says that there may indeed be an effect on the skin. And there is certainly independent research that shows a positive effect. An English study found that participants who drank a liquid blend of collagen and hyaluronic acid showed significant improvement in wrinkle depth, skin hydration and elasticity compared to those in a control group. Similar British research, published in the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, had a group of women take a collagen supplement or a placebo. After eight weeks, those taking the supplement had improved skin elasticity.

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