Spicing things up?

Spicing things up?


Did you know that Cordyceps do not only heighten your libido but also improve your stamina?

It might not be an instant pick me up (men), but when dropping daily over time has positive impact. Many studies have even proven that taking 3 grams a day improves the erectile function, and sperm production: quantity and quality.

It is a great vitamin for a healthy sex life for both men and women, as it enhances performance and endurance.

The Cordyceps mushroom contains high levels of polysaccharides and lipids, but what has the most impact on stamina and libido is the large number of nucleoside analogues (cordycepin and 3-deoxyadenosine). They have a positive impact on the oxygen uptake within blood cells, which improves your endurance. They also stimulate hormone production, which has a positive impact on the libido of both men and women.


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