How To Dose Your Extracts

The reason why the Opus(15) extracts come in liquid (tincture) form, is because we feel that our customers can better dose this way. Medicinal mushrooms all have different health benefits. The medicinal purposes that can help one lessen certain symptoms of pain or diseases/ illnesses can be met by obtaining a certain amount of mushrooms.
If you want to know which mushrooms help you achieve certain health benefits, we suggest that you do a bit or research online or read the following books also available in the store.
For daily vitamins that have health benefits for certain organs or body parts or psychological conditions, it may be so that you need to take the equivalent of 1-2 grams of fresh mushrooms a day, whilst when you want to cure something or have a medicinal impact, you would have to take the equivalent of 3,5-5 grams of fresh mushrooms a day.
A pipette:
A pipette has 0,7ml = which is the equivalent of 0,7grams of fresh mushrooms.
Vitamine/ nutricional purpose:
When you want to take your daily dosage at vitamin level- take 1 to 2 pipettes.
Medicinal Purpose:
If you want to take your daily dosage for medicinal purposes- take 5 to 7 pipettes.
What a standard dose of 0,7ml looks like:
pipette diagram
The pipettes displayed both have 0,7 ml of mushroom extract in the tube. This is the standard volume that a rubber cap draws in the tube. 0,7 ml of mushroom extract is equal to 700mg of fresh mushrooms. 

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