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"A true immune system booster!"

Chaga grows on birch trees and is rich in antioxidants, zinc, B vitamins, enzymes and minerals. This mushroom is even said to help prevent cancer due to its high anti-inflammatory properties.

  • immunomodulatory
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Supporting Psoriasis
  • Antioxidant/Detox
  • Antiviral



Reishi falls under the "spiritual diet".
In the podcast "Walking with Soof" about Adaptogens I tell you more about this mushroom.
This mushroom also stimulates your immune system, is rich in antioxidants and balances your hormones. This is a true mushroom for balancing the mind. Especially because of its adaptogenic effect.

  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti Allergy
  • Anti Aging
  • soothing
  • Adaptogenic effect
  • Antioxidant
  • immune modulator

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane ('lion's mane') stimulates your brain to produce more NGF (nerve growth factor). These neuropeptides ensure the production, growth and maintenance of neurons in the brain, resulting in better focus, concentration and more energy!
Lion's Mane is used in the treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, among other things.

  • brain health
  • Focus
  • mental clarity
  • Energy
  • Support the nervous system
  • Adaptogenic effect
  • Anti-oxidant


Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that, according to research, have anti-inflammatory properties, among other things.
Triterpenes are a subclass of terpenes and are found in many different plant species. They are believed to contribute to disease resistance.
The medicinal mushrooms certainly contain several unique triterpenes.
These triterpenes (compounds) give the herb its bitter taste and seem to contribute to the health benefits of the mushrooms.
Triterpenes, for example, lower lipids and have antioxidant effects.
Lipids are fatty substances in the blood. There are different types, of which cholesterol is the best known and the most common.
An antioxidant can neutralize harmful free radicals in your body. This renders the free radicals harmless. This can have a beneficial effect on the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer.
Beta-glucans have been intensively studied for 30 years, especially for their possible effects on the immune system. Beta-glucans are complex (dietary) fibres, or polysaccharides.
There are countless different connections. In short, glucose molecules are linked together via beta bonds, hence the name beta glucans.
Names for this include beta-1,3 compound, beta-1,4, beta-1,6, but also beta-2,3 or beta-3.6.
In short, there are many possibilities.
The beta-glucan chains containing the compound 1,3-1,6 are much researched in their relationship with the immune system. Lentinan from the Shiitake mushroom, for example, contains only beta 1,3-1,6 compounds.
Beta-glucans can withstand acid well, so that it can pass through the stomach relatively well. In the intestinal tract, these compounds are absorbed and then activated.
Source: Terranova Benelux
In addition to the beta-glucans, medicinal mushrooms contain important antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
Every medicinal mushroom has its own unique biochemical composition, which makes it difficult to attribute the nutritional and medicinal effect to one component.
Scientific research confirms that the synergistic (win-win) effect of intrinsic ingredients, or the combination of mushroom extracts, appears to be a determining factor for an optimal medicinal effect.
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