Charley's Favourite



One of our favourite therapeutic salon’s has to be the Bindweefsel Bar (translated from Dutch: the Cosmetic Deep Tissue Massage Bar). The treatments menu consists of facials, body massages and acu puncture. The facials and body massages are not just regular ones, but are more like a cosmetic deep tissue massage. The masseuse will rub and pinch your skin in a special way that it will create a sort of “mini trauma” that will enforce your body to heal a part of your skin. By doing so, your loose skin will become thicker and therefore look tighter, fuller and better. Some call it “natural Botox” because of the way your face looks, but where Botox will numb your muscles, cosmetic deep tissue massages will activate your tissue and therefore restore and rejuvenate your skin.  We highly recommend it for those of you who also believe in natural beauty and beauty that comes from within.

We have asked Charley, the owner of the Bindweefsel Bar, acupuncturist, visagist, and beautician which of the mushroom supplements is her favourite, and it is Reishi.

 “We have seen that this mushroom is already quite popular amongst those who are into homeopathic or alternative medicine. It relaxes, it helps protect us agains the harsh weather by giving us an immune boost and, very important, it is known as the anti-aging mushroom. Most of my clients come here to rejuvenate their face through the connective tissue massage, which is a vanity treatment. So when people are here to get their beauty treatments, they are more interested in beauty related mushroom supplements. I tell them to try them and they always come back for more. The mushrooms are not only good for the looks but they make people feel healthier and energised. This mushroom also has anti histamine properties and anti inflammatory properties, so people with sensitive skin will not experience rashes or redness.”



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