Exploring Sugar and Its Alternatives


Becoming healthy doesn't happen over night, and living a healthy lifestyle takes dedication and commitment. However, cheating is sometimes something we allow ourselves to do on special occasions or we feel like we can indulge in the unhealthy joys of life because we make up for it in the gym or in our vitamine intake.

The things that are the best for our bodies are not necessarily the most appetitive, or enjoyable. Mushrooms are extremely nutritious, have therapeutic potential and health benefits, but in some cases not so tasty.

Our extracts come in the form of tinctures that you can drop,  so that you can choose your necessary doses according to what you would like to achieve with the supplements. The tinctures, however, have an alcohol percentage of 20%, and then a highly concentrated extract which makes the flavour in most cases very bitter and taste like alcohol. Therefore we have decided to flavour it with a sweetener.

The sweetener we chose to use is Yacon Syrup. Yacon is a potato/ root like vegetable that has a very low glycemic index. It originates from Peru, in South America. It actually has the lowest glycemic index after Stevia. it's glycemic index is 1, which means that it contains very little sugar. 

If you would like to compare the sugars and all the sweetners available on the market, you can have a look at the table below.

Glycemic Index of Selected Sweeteners

(lower is healthier)


Glycemic Index


Glycemic Index







 Cane Juice



100 Barley Malt Syrup



100 HSH 35



Coconut Palm Sugar


 HF Corn Syrup




 Sucrose (white sugar)


 Raw Honey


 Brown Sugar


Brown Rice Syrup



60 Fructose  25

Golden Syrup

60 Galactose 25
Inverted Sugar 60 Agave Syrup 15
Refiners Syrup 60  HF Corn Syrup-90 13
HF Corn Syrup (55) 58 Xylitol 12
Blacktstrap Molasses 55 Sorbitol 4
Evaporated Cane Juice 55 Mannitol 2
Maple Syrup 54 Yacon Syrup 1
Honey 50 Stevia Extract 0
Sorghum Syrup 50


Source: TheDiabetesCouncil.com



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